Who should be Bishops Grandparents?

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I wanna think He is related to Kate Bishop/Patriot or Maybe Luke Cages Daughter. I hate the idea that he is related to Storm.
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umm... i think his grandparent is some guy who teleports... i forgot who...

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My guess is Kate has a son but keeps her maiden name, He marries Danny Cage, The child is named Lucas after his grandfather.
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His name is gateway.. i knew it...

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Yeah, i heard that to, but it seemed stupid to be honest.
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@jordama said:
"@xxCellPhoneGirlxx:  Yeah, i heard that to, but it seemed stupid to be honest. "

Gateway was established as Bishop's grandfather in X-Treme X-Men.  However, it isn't clear whether that's on his maternal or paternal side. 
I've read that Storm is his grandmother, but I don't know where that claim originated.  I think that might have been because there weren't many black mutants around when Bishop first appeared.
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It has been stated that Gateway is one of his grandfathers (could be great-grandfather) and that Bishop's father was Australian but never really learned anything about his heritage. I kinda hope that Monet meets some Australian man (Gateway's son perhaps) and has kids so she could be Bishop's white haired grandmother who told him about the X-Men growing up.

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Not exactly his son, but that could just be a matter of time before it is revieled. I think it would be ok if Monet or the twins were related to Bishop. I just hate the idea that Storm is, plus she and him had a fling or something, kinda gross.
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i like the PAtriot and KAte Bishop idea... but yea... sucks that its GAteway IMO...

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I would say Monet and Synch should be related to him, it was rumored that  Everett is returing to the X-men.
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Im a Aboriginal Australian And Lucas Bishop A.K.A Just "Bishop" is One of My favourite Comic Book characters of "ALL Time" Because of his Aboriginal Heritage Background!!! And For the record his Great-grandfather is "Gateway" a Powerful Aboriginal with the power and ability of Time travel, And Here something You mite Not know or if You Do know, ill Confirm it???…...his ability of knowing where and when he is,and ability to instinctively determine his exact location and time he is in at All times….even if asleep or Dreaming, are "NOT" apart of Bishop's mutant powers!!! Bishop's Tell's people the explanation for this ability is due to training witch is Not True. Bishop's ability to instinctively determine his exact location and the what time and Year he is in at All times, even if asleep it is Because He is Aboriginal and the great-grandson of "Gateway", people "do not" realise the Same goes for how Bishop's can also "let his spirit go" a.k.a "Astral Project" as seen in X-Treme X-Men Annual #1, that this ability is also "Not" a mutant ability or power ether, or an ability that was taught or picked Up by Bishop! So what I'm basically saying People is that These Powers I've just spoke of are "Not"….I repeat are"NOT"connected to his x-gene or Mutant "energy absorbing Powers"!!! it is Because he is decedent of Aboriginal People and both these Powers of time travel and astral projecting are actually Both connected spiritual to Aboriginal people from earth the universe and Time like ALL Aboriginals people believe,See even Today in 2014 Time traveling and astral Projecting are Both still apart of Aboriginal People Culture Belief system that is still practiced in Australian By My people! its called "The Dreamtime" or "The Dreaming"! which is a belief system thats over 50,000yrs Old, Peace [-o-] :)

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