Ultimate Bishop

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His powers are different but it ain't a bad thing. Ult. Bish can change density and weight of things he coms in contact with through his mutant aura.

A power full of applications and tactical possibilities. This power can accentute the strategic mind of Bishop and maintain the potent presence he has.

Whatchall think if anythiang atall?

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I like it. I always thought his 616 powers were too dependent on what was going on around him. He needed other energy to do anything really impressive, and when he did use them, they weren't (most of the time) anything special, just more blasting powers. That's not to say his powers weren't good or anything, I just didn't like them. His Ultimate powers can be used more creatively and, like you said, showcase his strategic mind. I also like the whole thing they're doing with him and why/how he's gathering his team. He's trying to save the future by recruiting the mutants he knows will be essential. I really want to see who else is on the team.

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Exactly. This new power makes him more independant even though I think his 616 power could be utilized more creatively.

As for his team, another plausible powerhouse who gets underplayed is Dazzler. Her Ultimate version can be the cutting edge version of her that the 616 failed to utilize, although she may be cutting loose in Excalibur I'ont know.

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I know this isnt Ultimate Bishop, but if he had this look when he first came into comics, I gotta think he'd be more popular. I mean who in the %$#@ wears a mullet? The American black male is the most copyed in the world, so they stick him with a mullet, wtf.

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In Ultimate X-Men #43 when Emma Frost introduces some of the candidates for the new, government-supported mutant team to the President, a muscular African American with braided hair and a golden chain around his neck is shown on a screen.

The President says, "No to Bishop with his criminal record."

A time-traveling Bishop appears in Ultimate X-Men #76. Moments after the battle with Cable concludes, he appears asking if he's too late to stop Cable.

Wolverine knocks him unconscious and the X-Men interrogate him. He is wearing the same uniform as the members of Cable's squad. He appears to be much older than the mainstream Bishop, because of his gray hair. He then leads the team into battle with Cable's squad.

However he fails to stop Cable from killing Xavier and is now trapped in the present day, due to the fact that Cable destroyed the device that allowed him to time travel.

In Ultimate X-Men #80, Bishop has a conversation with his younger self, who is incarcerated, in which he tells him not to use his powers.

Solicitations for Ultimate X-Men #84 mention that Bishop has formed a new team of X-Men, whih he is using to stop a new wave of Sentinel attacks on mutants, caused by an unknown enemy.

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In that same issue they showcase the Morlocks. Sunder and Caliban seem promising. Sunder already is way ahead of his 616 counterpart and Caliban could be doing the same.

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I liked Caliban.

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I like the story, but was greatly disappointed in the artwork. You guys are right, this version of Bishop is the badass that the 616 talks like he thinks he is.

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I'm still not sure what I think about the art. I thought everything in Morlock Town looked good. The look of the Town, the characters, all of it. Everywhere else though, I thought the characters looked horrible.

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I noticed it the most in the Cyclops/Jean Grey scenes. Jean looked terrible, and she had "man-hands."

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I believe Alixe is doing 1602 as well. He has a style that compliments that type of storyline. I wish Immonen could come back.

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