Times and Life Retcon (spoilers)

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Okay so the Times Life of Lucas Bishop mini-series is over. They've retconed a few things about Bishop's life and well....times. How do people feel about it?

Instead of seeing a recording from Jean about what turned out to be Onslaught he hears a recording warning about the baby Hope. Instead of coming back in the middle of a battle with X-Men and Fitzroy with dead Hellions all around they show up in an alley and then the X-Men arrive. Instead of Bishop not believing the X-Men are who they are and going off he buys it immediately. Instead of being around a while Malcolm and Randall are killed immediately.

I guess nothing too major has been changed (except for the warning about Hope rather than Onslaught) but I guess a creative writer could say that Bishop's future and memories have all changed after Onslaught. He did bounce around through time a bit dealing with Chronomancer and the Twelve and such. You could even go far as saying that the Bishop that is hunting Cable and Hope is from a different future than the one we first saw in Uncanny X-Men #282. At least I hope thats either how it gets explained, or that Times and Life is outside of continuity or that his future changed because he exists outside of time.

All of these little changes and still no word on who Bishop's grandmother is. She supposedly knew the X-Men and was even a part of them, but no word on who she is. When are we ever going to find this out?

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It would be nice to know.  And that is alot of changes.  And most of those where changes that happen after he arrived in the present time line.  what changes are next   

Ms Marvel gave Rogue her powers of her own free will 
Beast was born with blue fur 
Storm lived as a rich private school girl in New York as a child  
Magneto was a survivor of the great depression
 Its the little details that really make a character.  Maybe even more than the powers they posses or the side they choose to be on. 

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I know what you mean retcon wasn't really fully necessary, in X-factor, Madrox and layla encountered him as a child that knew about the baby, the recording wasn't needed.  
A retcon thats gonna be needed is how is magneto a holocaust surviver twenty years from now, sliding time policy gonna backfire on that one. 
Rememeber when malcom and randal were about to die, one said you are to important, did that come up in the retcon issues?
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The change from onslaught to hope could be down to bishop changing the time line through his and the x mens actions

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