Bishop retconned

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When Bishop and his fellow XSE stepped through Trevor Fitzroy's portal my 6thgrade world turned upside down. My favorite comic had finally recieved my favorite mutant!.....6th grade was a long long time ago, and Bishop sux now....

For any Viner with a bone to pick with Marvel's negligent treatment of the potential superstar that is Bishop. I would Looooove to see a profile of your version of Bishop....

Give a synopsis of who he is and what he is up to these days..And don't skimp on the details!!!

from the mechanics of how his powers work, (various cool power feat included) to the depth of personality and style he has.

We know he is the product of an Extremely harsh and dangerous future, where he chose to be a protector of the ideals of Xavier.

But I want to know how he adapted to his situation of displaced judicial executioner in the current MU.

Happy Black History Month!!! suckas

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@Sling Shot: If you haven't read The Messiah Complex, Cable v3, Messiah War, and Second Coming, I highly recommend you do. Bishop is a completely different beast in that.

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Either cloning him or getting a different timeline version of himself pre-messiah complex.

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Lucas Bishop, Code Name:Bishop

Mutant level:Beta

Mutant Ability: The ability to absorb most types of energy directed at his body. He can also re-channel it through his body for concussive blasts, or in the same form form that was absorbed, an example of what he can absorb is followed: Cyclops optical blasts, storms lighting, and Iron-man's Repulsor blasts. his re channel powers can damage enemy's that other wise are immune to there own powers. it is almost to near impossible to damage Bishop with energy based attacks, to to his mutant powers.

Bishop gains a power boost when his body is containing energy. It is guest that Bishop can left a fully stocked container twice his size. He also gains an stamina boost, to which was never fully revealed. While in Bishop's absorbed energy state, his invulnerability increases to a super human level. He has been able to find off hits from super powered beings as well as survive in the arctic whether as he absorbed the energy that snow flakes gave off as they melted on his skin. His Mutation allows him to heal injuries, this ability can rivial Wolverine's healing factor.However, some energy types are more difficult to absorb than others. Bishop can absorb too much energy at one point and be forced to expel it before it kills him. He also has the ability to instinctively know where he is at. Bishop is also resistant to nanites thanks to his training in the XSE. recently Bishop has been seen to be learning to absorb physical damage much the way Sebastian Shaw does and redirect this kinetic energy into enhancing his physical abilities as well. Attached is an art work I've done.

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Not too shabby lil buddy.....My favorite part is your art.

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@Sling Shot: I want bishop to be a good guy again! I know he's always been ruthless, but not to the point where he's a sadist! He's more of an anti-hero than a villain and I refuse to think of him a killer just because he tried to kill Hope! Was it a bad idea? Yes. Should Bishop try to redeem himself? I think so. CAN he? Of course he can! Bishop never does something just because he FEELS like it! He always has a reason, and once he remembers that he has a reason to be sorry about what he tried to do, he will.

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@Sling Shot: I feel you 1000%! He's easily one of my favorite characters and I hope he makes a come back in big way.

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Being from the future, Bishop is going to be perpetually ret-conned. The future that he exists in is flexible and malleable, therefore he's going to change as past/current events change.

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@Crash_Recovery said:

Being from the future, Bishop is going to be perpetually ret-conned. The future that he exists in is flexible and malleable, therefore he's going to change as past/current events change.

I've got to wonder if the identity of the X-Traitor is also malleable....when Bishop stopped Onslaught from killing the X-men that should have prevented his future from happening but it seemingly changed into the future where Hope somehow is responsible for everything...but we also saw Bishop kill Xavier so I'm wondering if at that moment he was the X-Traitor....that is until AvX when Cyclops possessed by the Phoenix kills Xavier again possibly becoming the newest X-Traitor

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I like where this line of thought is heading....

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@Sling Shot:

i dont trust bishop.......first he said there was a betrayer in the x-men, then he was the betrayer

and he tried to kill hope when she was a baby

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I hear ya. I don't trust Marvel with Bishop. But I also don't trut 99% of comic fans, whom which Marvel is supposedly trying to cater too.

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hes going to be retconned and placed in uncanny xforce as the main villain

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i know.

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