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Found it on KMC forums. Speaking of Afro, it's gonna be a movie.

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Silly stuff. Where did you find this Buckshot?

Hmm, who to play this Bishop voice acting? Samuel L Jackson has my vote, he did alright in Afro Samuria. Though, Bishop's look does make me think of Wesley Snipes.

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Oh, I'm sorry. I read the subject, and thought this was about me.

My bad.

And my vote to play Bishop in a movie is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje...(aka Mr. Eko on Lost)

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Hey was Adewale also on Oz? I know the answer is yes but I am to lazy to imdb.

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I haven't been following Civil War, I wait for the graphic novels. But I would like one wee spoiler.

A friend of mine tells me that Bishop gets killed, is this true?

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Not that I know. He does get curbstomped like the guy in American History X though.

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Jamie Foxx should play Bishop if a movie is done.

I found a pic with Bishop and

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Jamie is to soft to play  Bishop. My vote westly snipes

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I say Wesley is the right guy but again I feel like they are making the black guy have uncontrolable anger problems and he can't see past them, and Cable the guy who just knows what to do. This comming from a guy that dones't  like white guys much so it could be just me

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Bishop hasn't been done right since after his first five years as a character.........So on behalf of Bishop, Sling Shot of sound body and burdened mind , hereby announce a pox on all the negligent houses of the weak hacks that have written and drawn him since his early days...They draw him stupid looking now, he lost his swag, he has the hemogenized look of the non-black idea black super hero....He was my favorite at first...but I should have never trusted Marvel (i didnt)....its still the good ol boys club.....except todays good ol boys are pseudo-intellectual, culturally caucasian, wannabe whack busters!

I say kill Bishop.....and revive him in Milestone comics where he will recieve depth of character, clever intuitive use of powers, and some frickin style..........Elvis aint got no soul Chuck Berry is rock n roll!

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