Best Bishop costume?

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I think Wilce' Portacio's original look for Bishop is the best. JRJR, Jim Lee,Jae lee,Carlos Pacheco and Tom Raney drew him good in this fit.

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Gotta give me a minute, I wander alot. You know I never cared for Bishop, its his character, just doesnt have a one of a kind personality. He has no real history, they should have made it a pair, him and Shared (his sister) togther it might have worked better.

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Nobody in the vine but me cares about you Bish. Thats aight were used to doin for self.

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Are you Buckshot? Doesnt matter. I liked it back when Bishop thought Gambit had killed the X-Men, and it would have been so much better if he had. I lied alittle when I said I didnt like Bishop.

When he first stepped on the scene, you knopw tracking Fitzroy, and his boys got killed, that was cool. Now I really dont even know what he's doing. He should have been all up in Civil War, and even House of M, he was a non factor. Just another case of the man holding down a brotha.

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Like I said nobody realy cares Bish.

Bishop's origin is coldblooded mane. It's the constant dousings of watered down writing that has him without an endearing identity today. They need to go back to his roots and stick with his origin a man raised in a pressure cooker of civil unrest, a superpowered concrete jungle, and he rose above his circumstances and honed his survival instinct to such a razors edge he has enough to share to save others too. He is no nonsense to the tenth power. For years he operated in a hope drained world trying to revive the dream of X. He reminds me of Huey P with super powers.
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Naw I aint Buck I'm Sling, Just another one of the Shot boys. But i'll take that as a compliment.

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I think he should've been killed when Onslaught was about to kill the X-Men, the fact that he survived the shot ruined that crossover from the outset. On top of that, they had built that traitor arc up for years and for it to end with Bishop getting a headache for an issue and then an identity crisis, total letdown.

*o yea, I think the original costumes the best too. Sling shot you should use some of that knowledge to beef up his bio looks like you can write.
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Believe me, there was alot more wrong with the whole Onslaught story besides that.

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Well yea but regarding Bishop, that was just silly.

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Bishop in the XSE Uniform with his Afro-Mullet was his best look. It was unique, bold even.

Now? He just looks like Luke Cage's brother from another mother. Even the M over his ey hasn't been drawn right since Portacio did it.

The whole "I'm in love with Deathbird" storyline was more boring than the last Howard the Duck comic.

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Word up Gooch. Bish needs a nemesis that would focus him up. And he needs a makeover stat.

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If it were up to me, I'd revitalize Bishop's role as being the protector of the X-Men in some type of strike-force capacity. Giving him the opportunity to hit X-Enemies before they posed a serious threat to the students at the academy or to the members of the X-Men.

As his first assignment, I'd send him after Exodus or ...heh... some human adversaries.

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Beautiful idea Gooch, I'd love to see Bishop as the pre-emptive strike-force. He should work as a black ops agent for the X-Men. Prof. X has employed sleeper agents in the past. People like Sage, who would be a perfect candidate for sleeper work IMO.They may even go on stakeout together and end up with a (go to the Love Child tread to get this reference.)little agent X

And his energy channeling should be explored more instead of relegated to "concussive blasts". if i'm not mistaken Bishop rechannels projectd energy after magnifying it. He doesn't change the nature of the channeled energy into concussive force. He absorbs fire and should spew an inferno.

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