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Remember the Birds of Prey television series back in '02?  
It was cancelled after only 13 episodes.  :(
I understand that alot of people do not like the series at all. I personally loved it.
Many people complained about:
Helena Kyle - I liked the fact that they used Batmans daughter instead of Bertinelli, Becuase Batman is a well known character. And making her Metahuman made it more cool.
Cheesy Dialogue - Yeah, alot of it was cheesy, But aren't the comics cheesy? Don't you just love the cheesy one liners or slogans they use? So it's only natural they'd include it on a show based on a comic, you shouldn't complain. I found it funny.
Dina Lance/Redmond - This was one part I didn't like. :/ I wish they stuck to the original character of Black Canary, not her psychic daughter with the same name.
Harley Quinn. - She was one of my favourite parts of the show. I like how they've developed her into future Gotham, as a secretly insaned psychiatrist out to reclaim the city for ex-lover Joker.  
Fight Scenes - C'mon, they were totally coool.
I do admit they could have tried harder to make the show like the comics. But Smallville isn't necessarily true to the comics mostly.
So there you go, you've heard my views on the series.  (:  so tell me yours. Do you agree with me? Disagree?  Give me your views!

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The comics I read are not cheesy, certainly not *that* cheesy. Well...Fraction's Uncanny, but that because it's written badly. But compared to Gail Simone's run on BoP, it was a horrendous disappointment. There was so much material there that did not need to be altered and the alterations...were pointless. They did not streamline or improve anything.

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I loved Birds of Prey for the first few years it was out.  So much that I was really looking forward to the TV series. Talk about disappointing.   
The pilot show was so unbelievably bad, that my selective memory chose to ignore it for years.  Then I stumbled across images of it on CV.  It made me remember the show, and drove me to alcohol and hours of therapy... 
It had none of the charm, characterisation, wit or intellect of the comics.  It was such a huge let down, and a typical piece of Hollywood 'adaptation'.  Too many elements had to be 'adapted' that it didn't work.  It didn't resemble the real Birds of Prey.

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The Birds of Prey are a great team, and I was disappointed with the TV show. Dina Meyer was a pretty good Barbara Gordon/Oracle, but the rest of the cast couldn't keep up with her. Mia Sara made a really weird Harley Quinn... 
I think the show came out at the wrong time. If it started now, it would be handled a lot more like Smallville (and may even have one of its alumni as showrunner) and be pretty awesome. 
I found the theme song on YouTube, if anyone wants to hear Aimee Allen's Revolution.

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I just watched the pilot of it... Ouch did they mess up, but i liked how they didn't change Oracle, except for the scene where she gets shot they kinda changed -__-

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I actually liked the show, I think it would work better if it was made now. But it was just released at a bad time really. :/  
- also, anyone have any information about the UK DVD release? if there even is going to be one?  - thanks.

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I just watched the Pilot and I have no interest in continuing with it. I liked Barbara and I liked Helena, and I don't mind so much that they made her Helena Kyle instead of Helena Bertinelli, (although, I don't see why that was necessary) but I didn't like that she had super powers. Huntress is scary and awesome and aggressive without super powers. I didn't love that they made Batman look like a coward who runs away from his problems, but all of this didn't bother me as much as the characterization of Dinah Lance did. Dinah's supposed to be just as BA and heroic as the rest of them... She was in the JLA for goodness sakes! She's not some wide-eyed teenaged blonde ditz who decides to move to Gotham on a whim and walk its streets in the middle of the night by herself with no idea what she's doing! Ugh. 
At least on Smallville, when year after year we were being teased with, "Someday, he will be the greatest hero the world has ever known... and he will fly!" Clark was still always acting like Superman, he was always doing the thing Superman would do, and if he did the opposite, he would pay for his mistake and learn from it.  
I did not see any potential for Black Canary in this version of Dinah Lance. Although, I did only see the Pilot. Does she get any better?
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I've only seen the pilot, I'll probably get to the rest eventually. It wasn't bad, but it was pretty much nothing like the comic. Oracle was pretty awesome.

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I tryed to watch the first episode, but I just couldn't. I think it wasw because they changed the characters a lot...
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I watched the show before I ever read the comics. It wasn't tooo horrible if you take it as something completely separate from the comics, much like how I view the X-Men movies.

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I didn't like the show. I can't understand why Huntress was replaced with Helena Kyle, and why she had powers (Huntress is badass enough without powers!). I'm absolutely not happy of how they butchered Black Canary's character.
The best part of the show was Harley Queen!

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@Kairan1979 said:
I didn't like the show. I can't understand why Huntress was replaced with Helena Kyle, and why she had powers (Huntress is badass enough without powers!). I'm absolutely not happy of how they butchered Black Canary's character.
The best part of the show was Harley Queen!
I didn't hate the Meta human thing of huntress i thought it was a nice homage to catwoman(even though she wasn't supernatural), also they wanted to cash in on the x-men concept, gave a subplot 
Helena kyle was chosen because of the bruce wayne catwoman connection(more people knew batman so it'd help non comic fans), wish she wore a mask. I liked the actress but they didn't flesh her out enough, lacked motivation
Oracle was good, the casting wasn't bad and they tried not to change her story  

Black Canaries daughter was TERRIBLE!!!! T___T But black canary wasn't too bad considering it was her towards the end of her crime fighting career(fighting skill was down played), They should have had Black Canary on the team ignore the psychic daughter concept
LOVED Harley, she was still crazy but also used her degree to manipulate people 
I think if they tweak it, it would work now
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@EnSabahNurX: I've always been a huge fan of the TV show. I think the metahuman thing was interesting, but i didn't like how it became a major part of the story. I really loved how Helena's eyes would change when she fought. I was really impressed that they made Barbara Oracle and actually explained how it happened. Most TV Shows/Movies just ignore Barbara Gordon past the point of her being Batgirl. Dinah Redmond sucked really bad though. I think the show could have worked with a few tweaks. Harley being an evil psychiatrist worked for me.

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@AngelFrost: I wanted to like the show and I tried to watch it, but show just strayed so far from the mark I just couldn't get past the first two episodes of the series.

The only character that I felt was done right was Barbara Gordon as Oracle since she did act and feel like the version we got in the original BOP comics, but the rest of the cast--Huntress, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn--did NOT resemble any of the characters I read about in the comics nor did they possess any of the traits I actually liked about them.

With Huntress, I liked the fact that they preserved her attitude from the comics, but I didn't like that they gave her "cat-like" superpowers. Regardless of whether it's Wayne or Bertinelli, one of the things I absolutely loved about the comic book Huntress is that this was a woman who had to work at being a superhero. This was someone who had to exercise regularly and intensely in order to achieve the physical strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility required to do the kind of work that she does. I also liked that she was a detective who utilised both her intelligence and necessary tools for solving cases. All of that was lost in the TV show version of the character, that her lack of her trademarked mask and crossbow were really the tip of the iceberg. On an unrelated note, they got Bruce wrong as well because regardless of his love life, Bruce isn't the kind of guy to abandon a kid of his, especially not his biological one. I would think that being a master detective he would discovered that Selina's daughter was also his and would have wanted to be as much a part of his daughter's life. I'm especially certain he would have taken custody of his own daughter upon Selina's death. I can understand if they didn't want Batman to steal the show and all, but having Bruce be alive and unaware of his own daughter's existence was just not the way to go.

And then there's Black Canary. I don't even know where to begin with this one, but I will say she was a complete miss from the superior comicbook version. At best, I liked that they kept the Canary legacy with Dinah's mum being the original Black Canary and her daughter becoming the second Black Canary, but this were the similarities end. Unlike the comicbook version, Dinah Jr. was not a grown mature woman who was a skilled and intelligent martial artist with the Canary Cry, she was a ditzy high school girl who hero-worshipped Huntress and was psychic. Also the Canary Cry went to her mum 'Carolyn' when the original Dinah Drake never had the Canary Cry. Out of all the characters, the show's Black Canary was especially done wrong.

And then Harley Quinn. She kept her obsession with her puddin,' she was still a psychiatrist (though she was more of a therapist in the show), and was blonde like the comicbook version. But beyond that, the TV character resembled very little else of the character, and their approach of Harley being zany but serious and calculating villain just didn't translate well on screen. Mia's over-the-top acting just didn't help.

All in all, the show had potential but it was a sadly wasted opportunity. The writers took the basic concept of the comic book series but took too far too many liberties with the characters to the point where I didn't feel like I was seeing the comic book characters come to life. I felt like I was watching a show about a different set of characters entirely.

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@aeka: I kind of liked that Helena had superpowers, I had no problem with her not being the comic book Huntress because I felt like she was a completely different person. But they should have made her intelligent at least, I mean not that bar tenders are stupid, but in the comic Huntress is a lawyer, they could have made her a detective in some way. I guess I always prefer Catwoman having supernatural cat powers rather then just being a human cat-thief so seeing Helena Kyle with cat powers made me happy.

Bruce didn't leave Helena behind. In future episodes it shows that Bruce didn't try to get custody of Helena because she hated him. When Helena discovered that her mother was Catwoman and her father was Batman after her mothers death she wanted Bruce to track down her mothers killer and kill him, but Bruce wouldn't. Helena never forgave him for that and Bruce knew she'd never be happy with him so Barbara took her. Bruce does know Helena exists, he has Alfred keep him updated on how she's doing, but he stays out of her life the way she wants it.

Dinah was crap, period. I mean Dinah Redmond? It was just horrible seeing a Canary with telepathic/kinetic powers, although I don't hate the actress. I just hate the character.

I kinda liked Harley Quinn in the show more then the comic. In the show she's really an independent woman, although why she's trying to get to Joker idk, the character seemed like she'd be over the Joker and ready to move on with her life. I don't think I like her as a therapist though, it makes her origin confusing because the police know Harleen Quinzel in Harley Quinn, and it's not like Quinzel is a common name lol they'd realize it was her.

I think the show could work, they'd just have to change a few things around. Such as the campy writing. I haven't seen a lot of Smallville, but did Smallville have a lot of campy writing this Birds of Prey or was it more down to Earth?

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