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does it annoy anyone else that benes draw dove with long white hair in her normal identity? she has short blonde hair normally. i know it could be a wig or she died her hair or something. but i really think benes did not research the character.
#2 Posted by Caligula (12661 posts) - - Show Bio

i didn't see it as a problem, and most likely she dyed her hair, to fit the color tradition of the character.

#3 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1673 posts) - - Show Bio

She had white hair, briefly, in the early issues of the previous JSA volume.  
That aside, some artists use white for platinum-blonde.  BoP already has two other blondes with Lady Blackhawk and Black Canary, so a little more differentiation might be in order.

#4 Posted by charlieboy (7150 posts) - - Show Bio

i guess it is a minor complaint. lol. i am stoked she is on the team tho.

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