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I really like Travel Foreman and I'm glad that he is on Birds of Prey. I think he adds a lot of details and I think that he being on the book will be something that will work for the book. I really like the way he draws the characters and especially them in the olden days. I though that looks amazing. The story is the same as the other tie ins, the Court of Owls are attacking the city and the Bat Family will have to stop them. I really like how the Birds weren't included and Batgirl filled them in. I also really liked not staying in the old guys time and instead just get him going straight into it. I also really liked how the characters interacted in this issue. I really like seeing some more story coming into this as well as this cross over and I think that it's better for the future issues. 
I really wish they would just stop with this never ending villain and just get on with something new. I really want to see these rebooted characters do something else. I know this is a crossover and it's forgivable, but I really want to get some more incite on these new versions on these characters. 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
If you like female characters, you'll like this. If you like a story that has tons of twists and seems to never end, you'll like this. I think if you like a decent story, you'll like this. I really like this series and I think that it has some potential but it needs to start getting into new things instead of doing the same thing is a different view. It's getting old and sometime feels a little boring. Get this issue because it ties into Night of Owls

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