haydenclaireheroes's Birds of Prey #7 - The Death of Oracle, Part One of Four: The Cape and The Cadaver review

Is this really the Death of Oracle?



I saw this cover a couple months ago and I was excited and it did not let me down. The art is also great on this cover.


The Calculator talks to Creote to find the place where Oracle is. Oracle is in the worst neighborhood of Gotham and fights these drug addicts and Batman comes in to help. The rest of the birds are at a club for Dawn birthday but, Dawn does not like it so much. Oracle takes Batman to the tower where they are going to be taking care of business. Back at the club Mortis and her crew attacks the Birds and ask where Oracle is.

Best Part

I think this is a great part 1 for this arc and it makes me really want to think is Oracle really going to die or is the title just tricking us. Maybe the title of this arc might mean something totally different. I am also liking Mortis as a villain her powers are very cool and I will like to see how she uses them on our heroes.

Worst Part

I felt there was nothing missing in the story and it did not let me down. So there was no worst part in the story.


I really enjoy the art for this series and this issue did not let me down on the art. I really liked everything about it.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

5 out of 5 

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Barbara Gordon told us herself, too many people know her as 'Oracle' and so 'Oracle' has to die. She's going to stage an elaborate 'Death' for Oracle so she can create a new more secret persona.

Posted by Silkcuts

I can't believe I missed this comic.
I need to get it now.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Good review

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