the_mighty_monarch's Birds of Prey #7 - The Death of Oracle, Part One of Four: The Cape and The Cadaver review

Happy Birthday Dove!

The Good: A really nice cover by excellent cover artist Stanley 'Artgem' Lau what really sets of the mood of the arc and the beginning so perfectly. 
There's quite a lot of excellent comedy that amuses me to no end but never goes over the top to dilute the mood of the story. Gail Simone really has it down how to write some nice easygoing comedy and really emphasize how the characters interact and play off each other in dialogue. 
A lot of Oracle's inner monologue at the beginning is such a great scene to set off everything in this arc. 
Hawk's scene is short but it's pretty powerful and really gives a lot more empathy for a character who normally just runs around like he's the king of cops. 
Mortis is a pretty neat villain with a really interesting power. 
The degree to which different characters have their allegiances and backstabbing and secret agendas is pretty great. It gives you a nice feel for how deep the underground goes. 
The Bad: The final scene with Mortis has her looking strangely proportioned. 
So they give away the secret to the title, and suddenly I feel like I can see how this arc's going to end. It kind of works, and I can't think of any other way it could've been handled, but it still seems a bit too revealing. 
Still no longer a Brightest Day tie-in. Still, Hawk hasn't completed his mission. Still what the hell? 
A little bit of the convoluted degree of people being double agents can get a bit confusing. 
In Conclusion: 4/5 
This is one of those covers that so perfectly represents the story, and especially so perfectly represents the first issue in the story that I just have to gush over it. The whole idea of this story arc intrigues me now that I know what it's really about. Just like in Secret Six, It's really easy to notice how well Gail Simone can write a team book. The way all the character's personalities are so well emphasized without shoving it in your face is simply superb. If you're a fan of any of the characters in this comic be sure to check this out. If not, still give this a look.

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Posted by longbowhunter

No single issue of Birds has blown me away yet. I'm a Gail Simone fan and a Black Canary fan so I keep buying it. Oddly enough Dove has become my favorite character in the book. I also loved the cover!!!
Posted by The Mighty Monarch

#4 Blew me away, as you can see in my review of it. All of the characters' screen time was just so well balanced, and the conclusion of the arc was so epic. 
I actually don't care for Black Canary that much, but Dove has also become my favorite character almost from the start.

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