the_mighty_monarch's Birds of Prey #23 - Dreams That Never Were review

Generic Dreams of Happiness

After such a disappointing last-minute cover switchout last issue, it;s nice to see this cover is still the one solicited. Because Moelaar's covers tend to be really generic, and this cover's pretty darn sweet. The circular waves of dynamism rippling outwards from Black Canary blend geniusly with Regulus' cape and scythe in a very subtle manner that makes this really stand out. To bad it's WAY inaccurate to what happens in the issue, but you win some you lose some, especially with this series.

This issue is just... so insubstantial. I feel like it was over in less than a minute and had enough plot advancement to match. After the ENTIRE TEAM is knocked out by the powers of Uplink, who would be completely overpowered if it wasn't shown they strain her but is still a bit overpowered because they could've easily killed them while she had them out if they wanted, 80% of the issue is the various dream they're apparently stuck in. And if her powers are hard to keep up, why do they bother creating a fantasy world only the affected can see? That's the kind of thing attached to a power that can only be broken by fighting it. It just seems like a weak plot device to stretch things out with this as a filler issue.

Because that's all this is. This takes 20 pages to have half the tea wake up, and the other half get loaded into a hellicoptor. But there's no conflict to them waking up, it's just Upink's powers wearing off. The dream sequences are just excessive wastes of pages. None of them are particularly deep digging or eye opening, they don't go into any kind of new territory, they're just pretty much exactly what I expected of their dream worlds. And when you have to show expected happy dream worlds, you don't use about 4 pages to show it, you use maybe 2-3 PANELS. So these pointlessly long dreams just eat up pages until the issue ends.

In Conclusion: 3/5

The overal storytelling isn't exactly bad. What little there was that wasn't totally useless filler was well written and decently interesting. But there was a LOT of useless filler.


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