duo_forbidden's Birds of Prey #2 - Endrun, Part Two of Four: The Rage of the White Canary review

Gail Simone continues to impress

 I've been waiting a while to for this issue to come out since the appearance of White Canary at the end of issue 1. Now in issue 2, the Birds of Prey confronts White Canary and she proves that she is not playing around.


Like the first issue, the second part of Endrun, Gail Simone does not let up. Its a fast paced issue. She sets this issue with a dark tone. I don't think there was an issue in the first volume of Birds of Prey this dark during her time (maybe Secret Six is rubbing on her). Even with the Huntress, she gets brutal (and it wasn't even necessary in one part). White Canary proves that she's out for blood for the Birds of Prey more particularly on Black Canary. While I was expecting to see some old characters from vol 1 to appear, I did not expect the outcome.

The artwork by Ed Benes and Adriana Melo is wonderful. Everyone is just great to look at. As I said in the last issue, Benes has not lost his edge with these characters. I think they're even better. Even with the new additions of Hawk and Dove, they look like they were already in the first volume of Birds of Prey. This combine with Gail's writing, makes Birds of Prey fun to read.
Despite the seriousness of this issue, Gail manages to sneak some funny dialogue, monologues, and scenes in there.  I'm looking at you Penguin and Dove.
Again, like the first issue, issue 2 got me hyped to read the next issue.

 There's some lettering I could barely make out, particularly Huntress and Dove's small bio. I noticed this in the first issue as well, but it's a minor complaint.

Overall, I was quite shocked of the events that happened in this issue. Its been a while since I've seen something dark happened in Birds of Prey. I know this is supposed to be a Brightest Day for DC, but Birds of Prey don't seem to be bright for them so far. And while we don't have an idea of who White Canary is, we do know that she's means business. Can't wait for next issue.
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Posted by comicbookheretic

Loved your review!  I too am hyped for the next issue!

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