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The grid fights back

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100 Words Or Less

Continuing where Issue #1 left off, the Birds do battle with the mysterious woman and Black Canary struggles to find out who she really is. Much action ensues and soon, the team finds themselves on the other side of the law. Black Canary must try to clear her name and the team must try to save the Penguin before it's too late. And has Oracle met her match? And if the Birds can't stop the mystery woman in time, who will be the first to die?

So Then I Said...

This entire issue was, more or less, a couple of fights in an alley. After they take on the mystery woman, they find out they've been set up and now must escape from the police. I like this issue, although it didn't match the explosiveness of the premiere issue. There's a lot of fighting and Ed Benes did a great job, capturing the speed and movement of the fisticuffs. Gail Simone also does a good job, showing the turmoil inside Black Canary and Oracle's head, as one tries to figure out who this woman is and the other deals with a surprise call she gets.
I feel the four main members of the team work well together but I'm not entirely sure about Hawk & Dove. I feel they need to prove themselves a bit more in order to be seen as main members (and not just new recruits in a secondary role). Again, I haven't read any previous DC material so perhaps Hawk & Dove have more than proven themselves during Blackest Night (I hear Dove did destroy most of the Black Lantern Corp, though). But in the scope of this title, I still don't know why Oracle recruited them over any other DC superhero (don't tell me it's simply because their names are of birds). Some clarification there would be nice. Also, why is the team protecting the Penguin again and trying to save his life? Isn't he a bad guy? Shouldn't they turn him over to the cops, considering they state in this issue he's a reputed mobster?

Bottom Line

Another solid issue. We move along with the story, albeit not as fast as the last issue, and want to know more. Nothing bad to say about the writing or the art (seriously Benes, that last page in Issue #1 and this issue? Brilliant.). If you picked up #1, then obviously it's Worth It to pick up #2.
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