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A cloud of mystery 0

  I have to preface this review by giving  you all an explanation of my dilemma.  I must confess, yes Gail I have let you down, that I did not read the first run of The Birds of Prey.  In fact by the time I noticed it on the shelf at my LCS the book was nearing its end.  Gail's name was not on the cover and I wasn't interested in the art or Tony Bedard at the time.  But much time has past since then and when the announcement that Gail and Ed were heading to the Birds of Prey I was on the phone p...

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Gail Simone continues to impress 0

 I've been waiting a while to for this issue to come out since the appearance of White Canary at the end of issue 1. Now in issue 2, the Birds of Prey confronts White Canary and she proves that she is not playing around.Pros:  Like the first issue, the second part of Endrun, Gail Simone does not let up. Its a fast paced issue. She sets this issue with a dark tone. I don't think there was an issue in the first volume of Birds of Prey this dark during her time (maybe Secret Six is rubbing on her)...

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Someone's identity is revealed 0

Cover I enjoyed the cover it was great. But really have no complaints about it but, so not have anything that really pops out at me either. Story The story begins with a fight against White Canary. White Canary has gotten the police into this and now The Birds of Prey are running from the police. The Birds of Prey forgot about the Penguin and bring him to his club. The White Canary says that she go after them one by one each hour. Then there is a tv and the Birds of Prey knows that someone is ou...

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Since when did Oracle do her hair like that? 0

Story We start where we left off from last issue. Huntress and Black Canary are at a deadlock with White Canary. They try to come up with a battle plan and go head in. White Canary has no trouble in taking them down at the same time. Huntress finally got her pinned and Dinah starts unleashing some fist to face fury. Reinforcement arrives consisting of: Hawk, Dove, and Zinda. The news is accusing Black Canary killing Gregory Chasco. The cops are now surrounding the team. This was a plot by White ...

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Possibly the Best "Brightest Day" Bannered Book 0

Plot & Action: On one hand, the action mainly takes place in the same places for the issue. On the other hand, we begin to see the extent of what this "White Canary" has planned for the Birds. Not only does she beat some people down, but she's also ahead in the mental game as well. At the end of part two, the deck is stacked against the team in a big way. I said this last month, but Gail Simone really makes the most of her pages. In comparison to the other "Brightest Day" books, Gail's story...

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One Dark Night in Gotham 0

I recently saw a work of art on the internet, it was a political piece, I don't remember the title, but it was a tragic scene of the gulf coast dead animals were scattered about, thick dirty oil covered everything. In the foreground was oil covered TV on it was a news broadcast championing the fact they were featuring wall to wall coverage of Lindsey Lohan's sentencing. It was a disturbing commentary that Simone echoes in issue #2 of Endrun.   The action starts out fast and furious as the ladies...

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Birds Of Prey #2: Rage Of A White Canary! 0

"KIAAAH!" - Black Canary (Screaming To Attack White Canary). The Birds are flying (and shooting) their way straight out of Brightest Day! With the (very much alive) Hank Hall, Better known as Hawk, joining their team (more like adding muscle and protection for the team), the birds have no worry. Or do they?!? With Black Canary's identity exposed to the entire world, she will have no where to hide, since she is accused of murder? Things don't seem so good for Dinah Lance (Black Canary), however n...

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The grid fights back 0

Be sure to check out my review of Birds of Prey #1.  100 Words Or Less Continuing where Issue #1 left off, the Birds do battle with the mysterious woman and Black Canary struggles to find out who she really is. Much action ensues and soon, the team finds themselves on the other side of the law. Black Canary must try to clear her name and the team must try to save the Penguin before it's too late. And has Oracle met her match? And if the Birds can't stop the mystery woman in time, who will be...

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