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The new Birds of Prey pay a heavy price as one of their own becomes the target of a government sting designed to put Oracle out of business for good. Even with the added power of her new operatives, can Oracle prevent Manhunter's true identity from being exposed?

The Birds of Prey are coming under attack in their helicopter. An agent inside the Pentagon has sent a squadron of fighters to intercept and destroy them. Barda jumps out of the 'copter and lands on one of the planes. She uses her mega-rod to smash the cockpit open but the pilot ejects before she can do anything and then the other fighters blow it up. She escapes and flies back to the helicopter.

The fighters aim their missiles at the Birds of Prey and the helicopter explodes. Barda uses her boom tube to teleport the team to the beach, missing slightly and they end up in the ocean. Oracle has a car waiting for the group to take the mafia boss to the Feds.

Meanwhile, Manhunter has headed back to the prison to continue her mission. She watches a van being loaded with prisoners that the warden doesn't want the authorities to see. She follows it then jumps in front of it, crashing through the windscreen. She fights off the guards, all except one, a meta with massive strength. He says he's going to drush her skull.

Katarina calls Oracle and tells her that she's shutting her down and in two nights, her agents will either be in jail or dead. Oracle demands to know what she's done but Katarina has hung up. Lois Lane suddenly shows up and asks to have dinner with Barbara.

The Birds of Prey turn up to the drop off point but instead of the Feds, they're faced with a group of men who tell them all to get out of the car because they're under arrest.

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