agentofanarchy's Birds of Prey #10 - The Death of Oracle, Conclusion: The Gristle and the Ghostly review


I cannot begin to say how dissapointed I am with this story line, that is a lie - I will try to explain. I am not a big birds reader but Oracle has been a treasured character for me, therefore when I heard of the death of oracle storyline I had to read it. The first two issue where good enough, the second issue had an expected cliffhanger and the art was not too bad. Admittedly the story was often sluggish but still rnjoyable HOWEVER.....

 I believe you can ignore this story arch and pretty much miss nothing, to me nothing has really changed in oracles character and tbh if she continues being written like this I doubt I will continuing following her.

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      Cover I love the cover. The cover reminds me of the usually cover art for Batgirl. I love the cover art for Batgirl for a while now and it works for Birds of Prey also. Story The Birds of Prey believe that Oracle is dead. They fight the Calculator. We find out that Oracle is not really dead and only tells her motives to Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, and Charlie Radcliffe-Gage. She says she can’t help people anymore she needs to stay out of the dark. Best Part Love the...

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