haydenclaireheroes's Birds of Prey #10 - The Death of Oracle, Conclusion: The Gristle and the Ghostly review

What does the future hold for Oracle?



I love the cover. The cover reminds me of the usually cover art for Batgirl. I love the cover art for Batgirl for a while now and it works for Birds of Prey also.


The Birds of Prey believe that Oracle is dead. They fight the Calculator. We find out that Oracle is not really dead and only tells her motives to Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, and Charlie Radcliffe-Gage. She says she can’t help people anymore she needs to stay out of the dark.

Best Part

Love the fight with Calculator I just thought it was perfectly written. Also Huntress’s dialogue was perfect because there are her thought bubbles which really say what Huntress would say and you can really say to yourself this is Huntress.

Worst Part

When I first heard of this story arc I expected great things and in every issue I could not wait to see what the next would bring. But then I read the ending of this issue and I don’t even know what Barbra is really doing with her future she is very cryptic. But it seemed like it was not meant to be cryptic. So, I was really disappointed to not really see a concrete ending. I was also expecting to have this issue to be all about Oracle and her past and what she has become but we had none of that she was hardly in the issue.


The art is different then it usually is and I think it is worse than the old art. I don’t think it is bad but it is really hard to compare with the old art because I thought the old art was perfect. But there was one scene that I loved with this art. Black Canary punched Calculator in the face and his tooth flies out and blood is everywhere. I was really impressed with that one scene of art.

Pick it up or not

Do Not Pick It Up!!!

2 ½ out of 5   

Posted by Duo_forbidden

Can't wait for your video review for this issue.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

In your video review, I agree. As much as I do like Huntress taking charge in this issue, the lack of Barbara really hurt the conclusion in this issue. Two pages wasn't really enough to comprehend why Barbara decided this action. Its almost like she's limited to Batman family and Birds of Prey. More and more people are eventually going to find out that Oracle is still alive.
I would have given this issue 3 stars, but I did enjoyed Inaki Miranda's artwork.

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