kashman's Birds of Prey #1 - Let Us Prey review

Good Start!!

I am reading Birds Of Prey for the first time. Only two characters ave been introduced in the first issue and its very impressive. Looking forward for the rest of it. I did not know any of these female characters till now but Duane Swierczynski has done a good job in introducing them well.

The good:

Its got a strong female lead and that is one thing which got me into reading this. Artwork is nice. Story starts with fights going on in gotham city and introduction of a journalist whose life will be at stake. Story flows smoothly with flashback happening here and there to give a clear picture of what exactly happened before. What impressed me most in this book is that its got a lot of suspenses happening and the last page will surely make you buy the second issue and I am definately going to buy it. Its worth going for.

The Bad:

I feel costume should have been much attractive. Looks very simple.


I am going 4 out of 5 for this book, Its a great start for a beginners as well. I loved it. Go Buy it.


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