duo_forbidden's Birds of Prey #1 - Let Us Prey review

The New Birds of Prey

Synopsis: Black Canary takes the role of assembling a new Birds of Prey.

What's Good?

This is not the Birds of Prey I know, and that's a huge statement coming from me. I was very reluctant to buy this book, because it was missing one of its central cast member: Oracle. How exactly was this group going to function? I'm not that familiar with Duane Swierczynski writing other than Psylocke, but makes Black Canary the central character for this series. She's still framed for a murder, but she still wants to fight crime. What Swierczynski appears to have in mind with this New Birds of Prey is working in the shadows, along with adding a bit of mystery genre into it. He can't fool me, for I think I already know who's behind all of this seeing how one cast member didn't show up, but the purpose for why, that I don't know.

Jesus Saiz returns to Birds of Prey bringing his nice artistic skills, but don't get me started on Black Canary's costume.

What's Bad?

Is this book accessible for new readers? Yes, and no. My main concern with this series is the cast. With Barbara not Oracle anymore, the small hints of the possible disdain she may have with Dinnah, along with Huntress not in the picture, I'm trying to get pass that. There's also Starling who seems to act like a replacement for Huntress. I'm still getting use to her.

While Saiz's artwork is good for this type of series, one of the problems I have with this issue, is how dull the people trying to kill the reporter look, along with the action.

Overall: The new Birds of Prey has potential. It just needs one more push, and I think the second issue will bring that.

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Posted by Silkcuts

I was the same, I am at the ledge, need the push

Posted by Duo_forbidden

@Silkcuts: It's got the makings of being just as great as Gail Simone's BoP, even without the usual cast. Still, I hope some of the members from the old DC universe make an appearance in this title.

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