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Pibbo and Bippo

Bippo is a member of the Cirque Du Romani. He is the creation of Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald. Bippo first appeared in Lady Mechanika #2.

Tragedy and Comedy Masks

Bippo always looks happy while his twin brother Pibbo always looks sad. They resemble the Comedy and Tragedy or the Happy and Sad masks of theater and Mardi Gras.

Bippo Meets Lady Mechanika

Bippo and Chavaia

He, along with his brother Pibbo and Monsieur Napoleon, welcomed Lady Mechanika to the Cirque Du Romani. Bippo kicked his brother Pibbo in the butt. Pibbo then chased Bippo around the legs of Lady Mechanika with his club. This provided the perfect distraction for them to disarm her. Monsieur Napoleon managed to steal her hat and gave it to Bippo.

Bippo's brother, Pibbo, noticed Lady Mechanika's eyes and called them demonic. Gitano recognized them as belonging to a Mechanika. Bippo was confused with this at first and did not realize that Gitano was reffering to Lady Mechanika as the legendary woman from Mechanika City named Lady Mechanika. Bippo referred to Lady Mechanika as a celebrity and was amazed when he found out that she was who she appeared to be. It appeared that Lady Mechanika had a fan in Bippo. He probably felt connected to Lady Mechanika who was an outsider or outcast of society as well.

Bippo and Mr. Lewis

While Lady Mechanika talked with Madame Divinite, the leader of the Cirque, Bippo went with his brother Pibbo and Monsieur Napoleon to greet Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis had thought that Lady Mechanika was in need of rescue so he grabbed a weapon and went after her. The trio managed to pull the same trick on Mr. Lewis that hey pulled on Lady Mechanika and they tied him up.

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