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The Manhunters were the first method used by the Guardians of Oa to establish order in the Universe. After rebelling from the Guardians, they explored the Unknown Sector, and created their base on Biot. After Parallax- possessed Hal Jordan of Sector 2814 left many Green Lanterns for dead on his way to space. The Manhunters were waiting on the edges to capture many of the near-dead Lanterns to use as batteries back on Biot. These became known as the Lost Lanterns, presumed dead by the rest of the Corps. If it wasn't for Tomar-Tu's successful escape from Biot revealing that the Lost Lanterns were not dead, no one would have known differently. While on Biot, the Manhunters picked Cyborg-Superman to be their new Highmaster. Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner were sent to free the rest. A war then raged between the Lanterns and the Manhunters. Releasing a weapon that would amplify an enslaved Green Lantern's energy against them, the Manhunters were to blame when the weapon overloaded, destroying Biot. The Manhunters then moved their base of operations over to New Warworld.

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