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The Barraki are conversing about the Ignika and how to find it. Kalmah explains what the Ignika can do for them, should they get their hands on it, and Ehlek suggests that they split up to find the Mask of Life.

Meanwhile, a Po-Matoran named Dekar has already found the Ignika and intends to destroy it because he believes it is too powerful for anyone to possess.

Elsewhere, Takadox visits Nocturn and asks if he has seen the Mask of Life. Nocturn says he has not seen the Ignika but Takadox questions him again. Nocturn again says he has not seen the Ignika and threatens Takadox that he will snap him in two, and Takadox uses his hypnotic power on Nocturn, giving him instructions should the Mask of Life fall into his hands.

Meanwhile, the other Barraki question a captured Matoran from the underwater city of Mahri Nui and explore areas of the sea that even they have not ventured before. Ehlek uses the search for the Mask of Life to his own ends and gathers his army of Venom Eels to attack Mahri Nui. While this happens, Takadox waits for Mantax at the ocean floor. Kalmah grabs Takadox using one of his tentacles and questions Takadox why he is "skulking" behind the rocks. He answers by saying, "Every night Mantax vanishes beneath the sea floor and stays there for hours. I waited here so I could follow him." Kalmah and Takadox then follow Mantax into The Pit, all the while conversing with each other. Takadox then remembers why he hates Kalmah. They swim through the entrance to the remains of The Pit and spot Mantax. Kalmah and Takadox hear something close up the entrance.

The new residents of The Pit are the Zyglak and they are coming for the three re-imprisoned Barraki.







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