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Undersea adventures and the battle for the Mask of Light!

After the events of "The Battle of Voya Nui," the powerful Mask of Light has sunk beneath the sea where it turns up in the underwater city of Mahri Nui. The Matoran of this city must constantly plan their defense against a barrage of Pirraka predators that continue to circle the city, striking again and again. After its discovery by the Toa Defilak, the Mask of Light begins to reveal a deadly secret that becomes apparent to those who witness its effects on the user. For while its power gives the wearer great strength that could be used for good, the Mask of Light or "Ignika" as it comes to be called, brings paranoia, jealousy, and madness to anyone who wears it. Not only that, but this graphic novel presents the all-new, never before seen prequel "Hydraxon's Tale" written by Greg Farshtey that takes place right before the events of this epic battle! Plus, an exclusive LEGO(r).com cheat code inside for the upcoming August 2009 online BIONICLE video game. A must-have for any BIONICLE fan!

Trade paperback that collects the following issues:

Also includes a brand new story, "Hydraxon's Tale", dealing with the history of the character.

Available in softcover and hardcover.







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