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After being trapped last issue Tahu Nuva, Gali Nuva, and Lewa Nuva burst out of their rocky prison and come to the aid of Kopaka Nuva who is standing alone against all six Rahkshi. At the same time Pohatu Nuva and Onua Nuva followed by Turaga Whenua escape the cave they were trapped in. United together once more the Toa Nuva are able to drive off the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi, controlled by Makuta Teridax, resume their prime directive of hunting for the Herald, Takua. A few panels are spent depicting the action from Bionicle: Mask of Light. The Toa arrive at Kini-Nui temple where the Rahkshi have gathered around the Herald and his companion Jaller. They are seconds too late and Jaller is killed, but they don't hesitate to bring the fight back to the Rahkshi, as the Toa fight a losing battle Takua finds it in himself to put the Mask of Light on and become Takanuva Toa of Light. He has no trouble despatching the Rahkshi and, using the Kraata from the Rahkshi's shells he constructs a vehicle to search out the Master of Shadows.

This is the point where, for continuity's sake the watching of Bionicle: the Mask of Light is required, as the ensuing story does not exist in comic form. The comic plot line resumes after the end of the movie

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