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Following the discovery of the Mask of Light, the Toa Nuva plan to meet at a discreet location in Po-Wahi to discuss the new threat of the Rahkshi. As the disembodied voice of Makuta Teridax describes the origins and powers of the Rahkshi to the reader, Toa's Tahu Nuva and Gali Nuva are ambushed by three Rahkshi (Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk). During the fight Toa Lewa Nuva arrives, and all three Toa are caught in a landslide caused by their enemies.

Elsewhere, Toa's Onua Nuva and Pohatu Nuva have been brought to a cave by Turaga Whenua. It is here that Whenua reveals to the Toa that the Turaga have been hunting Kraata for years and that a large group of them are being held in status at the back of the cave. Meanwhile, outside the cave the Rahkshi Kurahk, Vorahk, and Turahk bring down the opening to the cave trapping two of the three Toa not currently at the meeting point.

The comic ends as Kopaka Nuva arrives at the meeting point, only to find himself face to face with all six Rahkshi...

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