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A canister washes up on an icy beach. The top of the smooth cylinder pops off and mechanical limbs are thrown across the sand. Slowly, the parts are drawn toward each other until they connect. As the pieces assemble bio-matter is formed around the joints. Finally a figure stands on the beach and puts on a mask. His name is Kopaka Toa of Ice. He can only remember his name, he doesn't know anything more about himself.

As he wanders vainly through an icy region that is reminiscent of the color on his armor, he spots another being watching him. Calling out the other is revealed to be Matoro, a Tohunga (Matoran). Quickly Matoro begs Kopaka to follow him to his village. Once there Turaga Nuju jogs Kopaka's memory and tells him how their world, the Island of Mata-Nui is under siege from the evil Makuta, Master of Shadows. The only hope of defeating Makuta is the Toa and their best hope of doing that lies in finding the Kanohi masks of power.

As Kopaka begins his quest to find the masks, he is rudely fallen on by another Toa warrior. Pohatu elects to follow Kopaka on his trip to the top of a mountain, where Turaga Nuju hinted that a mask may be found. Finding the mask, Kopaka scans the horizon and spots four other brightly colored beings in the jungle below. Commanding Pohatu to follow him,they make their way towards the others. Not knowing what they will find.

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