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The Bio-Ring is a mysterious alien device which allows the user to assume an insect form of choice. Lana Lang received the ring as gratitude for saving an alien insect who was stuck under a fallen tree. The alien did not tell her what the ring can do he figured she would find out herself. Eventually later that night Lana heard something coming from downstairs in her house. it was so dark that she said she wishes she could see.

In an instant she grew a firefly's abdomen and the room was brightly lit. She then saw what the ruckus was it was a burglar trying to break in. The burglar ran away in fear after seeing what happened. Lana then tried to use the ring again but nothing would happen. The next few days she figured out how to use it simply by asking it to help her. After hearing her teacher compliment her on finishing her after school assignment, Lana then went home and made a costume out of rubber material, and became the Insect Queen.

Users of the Bio Ring

Lang was the first to posses the alien Bio-Genetic Ring. She first received it in Superboy, #124. In Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #94, Lana gave Jimmy to Bio-Ring to keep safe from a villain named "The Bug" who was using giant mechanical insects to commit his crimes. Deciding to stop the culprit himself Jimmy used the ring to try and foil his plans, however he wasn't prepared for his foe. Eventually Lana found out Jimmy was using the ring and had Supergirl stop The Bug by disguising herself as Jimmy in the form of a ladybug. Jimmy then returned the Ring to Lana and was told to write the true story of who stopped The Bug.

Lois Lane, was the next to use the Bio-Ring in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #69. After Lois's apartment is ruined by Lana on accident by leaving the kitchen sink running. Lana let Lois stay in her apartment and while looking around the apartment found the Bio-Ring and Insect Queen costume. While listen to the radio Lois heard on the news of a building on fire with a little girl still trapped inside. With no choice but to don the costume and ring due to Superman and Supergirl away in space. After saving the little girl Lois decided to continue using the Bio-Ring and stop crimes happening around Metropolis, while at the same time writing her superhero antics for the Daily Planet Newspaper.

Eventually a woman named Velvet O'Mara read about Lois and the Bio-Ring stole it from her by disguising herself as a photographer to take photos of the renovations of Lana's apartment. After stealing the ring she flew to the Anti-Superman Gang's hideout and told her plans to their boss how she was going to kill the Man of Steel by turning into Kryptonian insects.. After borrowing two of his henchman Velvet turned into a "Scarlet Spinner of Krypton" and made a massive web to trap the man of steel while the two gang members lured him by faking a robbery. Lois and Lana eventually found her and tricked her into turning into a "Horned Repeller of Krypton" by bringing a piece of fake Kryptonite. Once Velvet changed her form the ring shot off her finger due to the Horned Repeller's anti-magnetic aura causing her to repel any metal. Lois then caught the ring and turned into a "Kryptonian Needle Fly" to free Superman from the web while Lana turned into a "Kryptonian Battle Bug" to deal with Velvet. While fighting Velvet wrapped her body around Lana in order to prevent her from herself. As soon as the did that Lana turned into a "Chemi-Ant" a Kryptonian insect that sprays sickeningly sweet fumes. As Velvet made fun of her new forms ability being ineffective to the Horned Repeller her body began to stiffen. Lana then told her the Chemi-Ant's chemicals cause the Horned Repeller to mature faster into the Glow Moth. Once free Velvet tried to get away but was caught in her own web she used on Superman.

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