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Story #1 - Billy The Kid - Big Day In Durango - Billy is in Durango to take part in the rodeo but Wyatt Reese sabotages Billy's saddle and rope causing Billy to lose the events. After Billy accuses Reese, who admits to the sabotage, they fight and Billy wins but later Reese tries to kill Billy with the help of two hired gun's but Billy take's care of the hired men and once again gets into a fist fight with Reese who later spreads lies all over town about The Kid and it isn't long before the townspeople start turning on Billy, meanwhile Mr. Ames a friend of Billy's and the owner of the town bank because he has $60,000 in extra cash in his vault due to the rodeo. As he heads for the dance that night Billy is trying to figure out why Reese keeps prodding him, trying to make trouble, and it isn't long before he figures out that Reese and his friends are going to rob the bank but Billy stops them just in time.

Story #2 - Mr. Young of the Boothill Gazette - $1,000 Reward For Young!! - Abel Young is accused of robbing the bank but he know's he didn't do it so to try and figure out who did he run's from the sheriff. It doesn't take long for him to find out that it was the bank president who hired a man to rob the bank so his embezelment wouldn't be found out.

Story #3 - Billy The Kid - Second Chance - Billy is in town to have some fun and he sit's in on a poker game at the Deuces Wild Casino where he win's big, but the big loser at the game, Hobie Biggs, decides he's going to take his losses out of Billy's hide!!

Story #4 - George Washington - Lest We Forget - A brief biography of George Washington.







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