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BIlly the Cat uses his amazing agility to fight crime in the town of Brunham. He can jump between rooftops, fall great distances without harm, landing on his hands and feet and can climb shear surfaces like the side of a building. Billy also seems to be particularly strong, able to lasso and lift grown men, leaving them hanging on street lights for the police to arrest. He lives with his Aunt Mabel after his parents were killed in a car crash.

Gadgets and Gizmos

To hide their identity when fighting crime, WIlliam and Kathleen both wear 'cat-suits'. Their main weapon was a weighted lasso that was used to catch and tie up escaping bad guys. It could also be used as a rope for various other purposes. In one story, Billy the Cat gave a necklace with a camera in it to a footballer who was the target for gangs. With it Billy could follow the whereabouts of him via his laptop to see if he was in trouble.


We join the crime fighting Billy the Cat in issue 1289 of The Beano, when he was aged around 11-12 years old. He was soon joined by his cousin, Kathleen Grange, who fought by his side as Katie the Cat. Kathleen was the same age and had the same skills and powers as William. Billy the Cat returned in the comic. Buddy, in 1981 and again in the pages of the Beano in 2003. Both times he was a teenager and without his cousin. However Katie the Cat did return to the strip in the 2005 Beano Annual.

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