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Billy Numerous is a minor villain in Teen titans, he is very young but is also very deadly. He also does not have many friends and is known to brag to his clones, of whom are his only friends.

He has encountered Catwoman in the main Canon of the DC Universe.

Powers and Abilities

Billy possesses the power to duplicate himself, hence the name Billy "Numerous", he is able to form numerous copies of himself. This power is very similar to that of Marvel's Multiple man, however Billy does have a limit. In AoA Billy cloned about 10,000 or more dupes, but it drove him insane, and so it is agred by many that he could do about 1000 dupes without going insane.

However, there is also another important element to Billy's powers and that is; that when he has reabsorbed clones that have been sent out for long periods of time, it fractures his psyche.

Other Media

Teen Titans Go!

Billy makes a few cameo appearances in Teen Titans Go! in the episodes that feature the H.I.V.E. Five. He is shown to be not as important as some of the other members, like in the episode "Artful Dodgers" he was a bench warmer rather than a player.

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