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In the Easter Uprising of 1916, young Irishmen fought and died for the freedom of the Irish Republic. They were outnumbered, outgunned and, some believe, sacrificed as a symbol of  Irish courage and British oppression. In the end, the uprising failed.

Billy Cassidy thought he was fighting for his people's freedom, but soon discovered that he and his fellow soldiers were being set to slaughter. So he grabbed his younger brother Proinsias and blasted their way out of Dublin, before escaping by swimming up the Liffey (but not before kneeing a certain famed Irish soldier in the privates)

On the way, Billy discussed what they had done with his brother, and revealed a family secret - that their mother was a Protestant. Prionsias was shocked by this, yet was eased when Billy told them their differing religious beliefs were unimportant considering they loved each other.  They looked forward to going home and living long lives in peace.

On their way home though, while stopped for a rest,  Proinsias was attacked by a grotesque bog-hag who started gnawing at his neck. Billy blew half the things head off with his revolvers, and searched for hours for his brother. Disheartened, he headed for home.  As far as he knew, his brother was dead. He was wrong. As it turned out,  Cassidy the younger lived far longer than his brother ever would have....

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