Who should write and draw it?

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So who do you all think should write and who should draw the new Captain Marvel/Shazam series, if what Brian Azzarello said was true and he gets his own series again.
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I'd love to see Paul Cornell teamed with Vicente Cifuentes. 
Cornell has consistently proven that he can write a damn good comic, and I really liked Cifuentes' art on the Emperor Aquaman Flashpoint tie-in. 
Plus, they both just seem like perfect fits for the character.

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I was actually thinkin of Cifuentes as a posibility too, but i didnt even think of Cornell, wouldnt mind him at all. as long as Billy stays captain marvel and its written well, i actually would be fine with alomost anybody. but Cornell would be great, i enjoyed his action run and batman and robin run
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@RScottH08: I really liked Action. And that's what I want too, I don't want a CM book without Billy being Captain Marvel!
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Exactly, ive always said Clark Kent will always be Superman, Bruce Wayne will always be Batman, no matter who replaces him he will always come back. That being said Billy Batson should and will always be Captain Marvel to me.
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I also wonder if he would end up in the new JSA as well?

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