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So now that the beginning of the relaunch is finally here, perhaps the there will be a bit more focus on even more titles to come. So lets start with the recently confirmed Shazam comic. It was announced a few days ago that Brian Azzarello was quoted syaing, "Shazams coming, alright." So what are you hoping for and expecting from this newly announced comic.
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just thought that i would update this a little, since we now know he will be backin up in JL and whos writing and all, so now what do you all expect?

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I'm hoping Captain Marvel is finally spotlighted as one of DC's oldest and greatest heroes.

I'd really like it if he had so much success that he achieved popularity, respect and editorial consideration on par with DC's trinity (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman).

That is a lot to ask for and I realistically don't expect it, but that what I would like.

So come on, DC; make me happy and give Captain Marvel his rightful place in the hierarchy of your pantheon of heroes.

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I'm not sure we haven't seen him yet,

Men of War #1 has 2 flying brick superpowers fighting each other(one in red the other in black) in an unidentified middle eastern country

nothing currently stops that from being Cap and Black Adam

I will believe it to be so until I am given evidence to the contrary

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I want the same thing as @PowerHerc.

Capitain Marvel was one of the most important Golden Age character,he even sold more comics that Superman or Batman,after Fawcett Comics was unfortunally sued he didn't get even nearly as popular as he once was,when his rights was bought by DC they never intended to give him the same importance as the trinity,instead of that they overuse Black Adam in the most arcs they can think off.They could give him a writer that would make him justice.

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