Theory: Curse of Shazam, what is the curse?

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Billy (assuming he is Billy Batson) looks pretty different in the Previews for the Curse of Shazam backup by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

I have a theory that hes not only Billy Batson but also Freddy and Mary and other characters combined. This "Billy" as seen above looks like an adult or atleast a college student (Taller than those people in panel one, wearing clothing associated with people in that age group). My Theory is that the Wizard, when giving him the power of SHAZAM splits this "Billy" into the characters we know (Billy, Freddy, Mary, etc). This would be similar to Flashpoints Captain Thunder where it takes a group of kids to create Shazam. This could be what Geoff is trying to do, or atleast the twist that people would get angry over that he keeps talking about.

Tell me what you think. Possible? Crazy Talk? Blasphemy? Or the coolest thing ever?

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Honestly, i think your theory's a little crazy sorry. It'd be interesting as an Elseworlds or What if? story, and i'd love to see that explored in that sort of medium, however as apart of the new status quo, i don't think i'd be a fan. If i'm honest i don't even think that's Billy in the preview. We know the Wizard has been 'abducting' people and testing them to see if their worthy of the power of Shazam, so i think this is just another person he's taken.

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@Afro_Warrior: I guess he could be a random abductie.

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I think the two people he's talking to in page 1 are Freddy and Marry

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Your theory is awful (no offence).

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that makes absolutely no sense.

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I personally think that person is an abductee, who could later turn out to be one of CM's rogues.

A more "plausible" theory would be that, that is Billy, who is older, and becomes CM through the Wizards powers BUT the curse is that he is reverted back to a child like state and must remain that way forever. That would be a pretty shitty curse...

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