Lord Marvel

#1 Posted by Alpha (8097 posts) - - Show Bio

I was curious if Lord Marvel has the power of Shazam and Captian Marvel? And if so, how powerful is he? Who could he take on and beat that he would have had no chance before?

#2 Posted by Emerald_General_Jai (2478 posts) - - Show Bio

He is as powerful of the other members of the Quintessence. Ganthet, Highfather, Stranger. Basically they're all really powerful. If u use Marvel's power rankings, or the ones u find on most battle boards He's a High end Skyfather. He's up there with Odin, Dormammu, Mephesto, those kinda power players.

#3 Posted by Darth Erebos (332 posts) - - Show Bio

Lord Marvel is the ESSENCE of ALL Magic in the DC universe... u get the picture

#4 Posted by KidSupreme (847 posts) - - Show Bio

Lord Marvel would be like one of the most powerful Gods!! 

#5 Posted by PowerHerc (86068 posts) - - Show Bio

He'd be right up there with the other universal powers of the DC Universe.

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