Is He Back?

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So, ive been talkin about my hopes for a nice shazam comic lately and a friend of mine happen to come across this article, it has some nice info on a few other things but at the end i was happy to see that brian azzarello was quoted as saying "shazams coming, alright," so there you go for anyone who cares like me lol
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I'm pretty excited. I hope they can get a good writer and artist on the series. I also want it to be serious and not a kid's book.

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I have only one word for this:

#4 Posted by Supreme Cosmic (760 posts) - - Show Bio

What if iy is not Billy o-O

#5 Posted by RScottH08 (270 posts) - - Show Bio
@Supreme Cosmic
it has to be billy, maybe he'd just be a little older or sumthin like that, but its too iconic to change him to someone else. Not to mention a lot of people have been wantin this for a long time and him not being billy would just be too disapointing.
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Finally some good news. I was wondering about this. Chances are that he won't get his own series but instead will star in DC Universe Presents. Although I don't know when that will be because Deadman is hogging that series for the forseeable future. Seriously give some other characters face time, Deadman's going to appear in Hawk and Dove and in Justice League Dark so why he needs this series as well I don't know. Hopefully, DC Universe Presents will follow the format of follow one character's story for a while then alternate. There should be regulars to the series as well as overlooked characters.

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