Hero vs. Hero: Billy Batson vs. Ben Tennyson

#1 Posted by HeWhoSees (629 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello all. I was just wondering what you, the people, thought on who is the better hero: Billy Batson or Ben Tennyson.

Now, I'm not going to ask for a comparison between New 52 Billy and young Ben, but rather, ANY version of Billy before New 52 and Teen Ben, specifically.

So, is wielder of the power of Shazam greater than the wielder of the Omnitrix?

#2 Posted by WilliamJBatson (28 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd say Captain Marvel/Shazam would win. Captain Marvel possesses the power of six different gods. He has high-powered magic, faster than the speed of light, capable of lifting an entire continent, enough strength to defeat Superman in a fight, he can control the magic lightning (Strong enough to take out Mjolnir), he can also fly and possesses the Wisdom of Solomon. :) I think it's an easy win for Captain Marvel. Even more so if you're going off when Billy was the keeper of the Rock of Eternity, Lord Marvel. Since he had the power of the Wizard as well as the abilities of Captain Marvel. :]

#3 Posted by JonSmith (3996 posts) - - Show Bio

Have to give it to the Captain: Ben's aliens have some very powerful abilities, but Ben favors brute force. He'll try and take down Marvel in hand to hand combat, and will be knocked out before he even realizes how screwed he is. Marvel's too strong.

#4 Posted by HeWhoSees (629 posts) - - Show Bio

No, I meant, who is the better hero IN CHARACTER, not capability.

#5 Posted by WilliamJBatson (28 posts) - - Show Bio

@hewhosees: Fair enough. Shazam still wins hands down. :]

#6 Posted by w0nd (3413 posts) - - Show Bio

@hewhosees: Billy still, ben is arrogant and cocky

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