DC Prepares for the "New 52" Debut of Shazam

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I am not sure if anyone posted this, but here's what the fine folks at Gutters has to say...


lmao, awesome

That's what I said, I especially like the line about him and Superman being almost the same age and then calling him a dick.

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this was mine


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this was mine


I always figured Hal for Herp :)

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I really hope this back up feature is done correctly. I've always loved the Marvel Family and was sorely disappointed by the handling of Shazam before the big reboot with the New 52. I also hope that they make him more significant and not simply a Superman knock off. I am confident though that this will be a positive step in the right direction for this underused franchise in DC.

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What about Mary Marvel and Freddy Freeman?

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Perhaps he will need to spin around really fast to transform from now on!

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