Captain Marvel (Shazam) Respect Thread and feats

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Now IMO Cpt Mavel is one most powerful and fastest characters in comic books today and yesteryear.

All we need are feats of his






Any thing you think is worthy for him to be recognized.

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Captain Marvel using magical punches to knock out Superman.

Superman being host to Captain Marvel and feeling the power of Shazam. Superman saying they're are equal in every way. Also, Captain Marvel says with the power of Zeus he can see hidden dimensions.

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I posted these in another thread, thought they could do some good here. Also, I posted some Justice feats, cause they looked cool.

Slugging it with Sups: Shrugging off hits, took Superman's Heat Vision like a champ

Slugging it with Black Adam

Speed feat (Justice)

Speed-blitzing Bizarro, Parasite, Metallo, Solomon Grundy (Justice)

Takes on Alan Scott
Arm Wrestle Superman (He lost because of power-sharing with Freddy)
Spears Specter with the Spare oF destiny without become possessed
Catches a boat thrown by a possessed Superman
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Captain Marvel changes the earth's weather patterns by flying across it to spell out a message

Speed: Cruising at mach speeds

Strength: Lifts and pushes a spacecraft with one hand

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nice scans.

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Nice feats.

Captain Marvel doesn't get enough respect. Not even close.

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With the reactions to thew new Captain, I see even more respect dropping.

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@drgnx: What comic is that speed feat from?

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