Captain Marvel's continuity

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask a little question about the character's continuity. I'm not that familiar with the new 52 reboot, I only started to read this character two or three months ago, but it really caught my attention basically because I grew up with the strong idea that a superhero should be good, should never kill and should always make the right decision, characteristics really hard to find on superheroes these days. I hate bad**s characters, and I've always searched for the pure good unaltered superhero, and I think CM embodies these characteristics: as far as I know he never killed anyone and he has always had a positive personality (until recently...but I can't say I don't understand Geoff's take on the character). Basically I'm really starting to like him more than my longtime beloved character, Spider-man. That being said, I really have difficulties understanding the character's continuity (there are definetly too much origin stories!!!!!, as I'm not that familiar with the whole new 52 concept, even though i tried so much to understand it via forums or wikipedia...I hope someone can enlighten me

- Which is DC's Shazam official origin story? (read on wikipedia it's Power of Shazam! - is it correct?)

- Does Fawcett Comics' continuity (so Whiz comics...Marvel family...) still count?

- Has the new 52 reboot cancelled everything about the character (so is it the official starting point for reading it)?

- And last...which is Black Adam's original story? Is Marvel Family #1 still in continuity or is it Power of Shazam/or New 52 back story?

Thanks a lot :)

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All you need to know about the post-Flashpoint/New 52 Shazam can be read in Justice League. It contains his origins.

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@shazam87: @blackstripe: actually there releasing a trade for his new origin story I'm just not sure when...

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@shazam87: its a brand new take on it , im a captain marvel fan and as such i do not like the N52 billy batson , but they somewhat upgraded captain(SHAZAM!) marvel a bit , i really liked him during trinity war, also good to know there is another captain marvel fan ;)

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Thank you so much for the answers! So basically the new 52 version erased much of CM's continuity...I'm still reading Orway's take on the character and I really enjoy it. I'm also catching up with old Fawcett stories, I really like the style which kinda reminds me of Tintin but I'm glad they probably don't count anymore...they're kinda goofy. Can I also ask you another question? I'm Italian, but I only read comics in english. I was reading POS #4 and on the readers column they mentioned the time CM was eclipsoed. I really don't recall it. Does anyone remember the comic in which it happened? Also, in POS#6 Billy tells Mary that in his first time out he "put a couple of crooks in traction"...I have some difficulties understanding the meaning. Can someone help me? Thanks :)

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