Captain Marvel Joins DC's 'The New 52'

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Heard from Newsarama - they might actually just rename the character "Shazam" alltogether to finally put an end to the disputes and confusion with Marvel. I personally thought they should've done it sooner but this is perhaps the best time to address that seeing as they're rebooting a lotta stuff.

I don't think that will work. If they did how can the Big Red Cheese tell anyone his name without then changing into Billy?

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@Oedipus_Rex: Hmmmm you do have a point, and the phrase is far too iconic to change - maybe they'll go with Captain Thunder as they did in Flashpoint, but i don't think that'll stick well. Maybe they'll just rework it somehow - i dunno, but then again they still stuck with Richard "Dick" Grayson ... so they might not change it at all, like how many Richard's do you know refer to themselves as Dick these days. xD

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@Oedipus_Rex said:

I don't think that will work. If they did how can the Big Red Cheese tell anyone his name without then changing into Billy?

Do it like in Trials of Shazam.  The word 'Shazam' only transforms you when you want it to.
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Just clarify this a little, and it might have already been, but i still see people asking, this is Billy Batson. It mentions him by name on the dc website. It also only refers to "his big red alter ego," so it doesnt clarify if it is Cap Marvel, thunder or whatever they are gonna call him. I would assume he stays marvel, since that is what most titles on all the articles on this have, but who knows.

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i.m soo excited!!!

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I look forward to Black Adam making his return!!

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Shazam is a horrible name for a superhero. If Billy can't be called Captain Marvel, then, I'd rather he be called Captain Thunder (which was supposed to be his name anyway). The only part of his suit which I don't like, curiously enough, are his boots. As for Black Adam, I'd rather not see him right now; Captain Marvel has plenty of interesting villains, and the writers of DC tend to overhype Black Adam.

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cool, can't really imagine it, but I'm interested to see what happens

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I really hope this involves the whole Marvel Family and not just Billy or Freddy. Because I love all 3 of them.

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This bullsh!t, Billy Batson deserves his own book

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YAY! Captain Marvel is back! I wonder how he will be written, will they go back to the Fawcett Comic days when Billy and Cap were two different minds... or will they go with the also interesting kid inside a grown mans body... or maybe something new? Can't wait!

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@HolySerpent: Agreed!

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