Can someone please help? (regarding Shazam!)

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I want to collect all of Shazam's appearances in the new 52 but I need a list of all issues he appears in. I am getting the hardcover that just came out and I already have trinity war and the constantine tie-in in which he appears. But I'm not sure what other issues he appears in. Can anyone help me ?

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Billy Batson has appearances mainly in backups in the Justice League series from the New 52. It starts from issue 7, then goes to issue 12. Then you have the zero issue after that, which is all Shazam. It picks back up with issue 14, and the backups conclude in issue 21. (Issue 21 is ALL him, again like with issue 0.) Note that issue 17 does not have a backup for him, though.

Go here to see all of the backup issues:

Apart from the backups, he also has some appearances where he is a backup character:

As a character in Trinity War, he appears in:

JL 22, JLA 6, JLD 22, JL 23, JLD 23 with crossover appearances in: Constantine 5, and Trinity of Sin: Pandora 3

Lastly, he appears in the Black Adam villain one-shot as part of Villain's month. (JLA 7.4)

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! you are my new best friend

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@dauntes_patron: Don't mention it, it's a pleasure to help more people get into the character. I'm a big fan, so I love seeing him gain new fans!

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@dabee: I've never been a DC fan mainly because I didn't identify with any character, but one day I curiously watched Superman/Shazam movie on netflix and immediately turned into a fan. Thanks again

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shazam sucks

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@fil123 said:

shazam sucks

Thank you for your intelligible contribution.

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