Billy Batson is kind of a jerk now (warning some spoilers)

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I just finished reading "Justice League'' #7 and it was pretty mediocre, however that isn't what I'm writing about. If you have been reading the New 52 Justice League title, then you know that at the end of each issue, we get a sneak peek at different stories that might occur in the future. This week, we got a glimpse into the up and coming Captain Marvel/Shazam featured story. We saw a highly upset Wizard Shazam looking for his new avatar, we got a glimpse of a new (and really buff) Dr. Sivana, and his intentions and motivations for looking for "magic" and most importantly, we saw a very different Billy Batson. Now, the Billy we all know and love was kind, funny, nice, innocent to the point of being kind of naive, and happy go lucky. He comes across like this at first, but rapidly changes. The scene shows him in an interview with a foster couple looking to adopt. He acts well mannered, adorable, smart and kind and knock their socks off. However upon their departure, he insults and ridicules them, calling them idiots, and his social worker goes as far as to call him, "The most unpleasant boy she's ever had the unpleasure of knowing." He is then called "trouble" by the narraration. My question is, how do you feel about this drastic change in Billy Batson, is it DC's way of trying to update him to reflect how teenagers act these days? Will it affect his attitude as Shazam? What do you think??

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It was unexpected but I'm going to hold back forming a solid opinion util further issues.

Also lots of kids in the system end up like that.

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Maybe they're trying to show what a person may be in his situation. He may have gone from foster home to foster home. Dealing with people that came across nice and changed once they adopted a kid. This being his way of dealing with it. I'm not defending his actions, but I'll wait to see what happens in about five or six more issues.

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I'm kinda curious if the other foster kids the family already has is going to be the other SHAZAM kids. I'm thinking Captain Thunder with six kids turning into a superhero might have been the test-run for the new SHAZAM idea.

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Meh, I'm not surprised they did so to Billy, but I understand why they did it, I mean some of us till they are raised in a good family are jerks so why you are surprised a orphan is that way? and also how many teenagers you know that are like pre-flashpoint Billy? I think there's nothing like that today.

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yeah, that was interesting...

oh, btw I thought for sure you were talking about Comic Vine's BB before I read the first post :P

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Yeah, I was stunned when I saw the immense change in the character, but I'm interested to see how it plays out.

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yeah, the might be making him seem like a jerk to give him room to change once he becomes captain marvel.

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@aztek_the_lost: Sorry about that, I literally completely forgot to put it in his forum (I wrote this right after I read it) thanks for the move. 
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Well, according to DC Comics's official website, Billy is different from his pre-Flashpoint version, in the sense that he wants to be an adult as soon as possible. But when he becomes Shazam (Shazam, not Captain Marvel), he'll have to learn the meaning of family.

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So the character becomes the user. He's growing up :') JK I'm similar to both versions. But enough about us :p
I'm not reading the series but I did see the "sneak peek". Since it's not the whole story, I'm just going to wait for more.
And Supreme Marvel made a good point.

@aztek_the_lost said:

Damn, I legitimately thought this was about the troll on the site and the forum seemed appropriate, but if it's about the character it should be in his forum.

lulz :D

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I was kinda suprise. I'll wait to I'll give my verdict

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I'm glad that they made Billy into more of a realistic kid, but I just hope they tone down the little sh*t aspects of him when he transforms into Captain Marvel.

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