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Bill Baggett was a petty thief and hobo who managed to learn how Green Lantern Hal Jordan used his power ring: through use of willpower.  He first discovered this when Green Lantern was testing the effect of his remote control over his power ring in an environment that was effected by radiation.  Baggett found Jordan's power ring outside the cave where Jordan had placed it and pocketed it for himself.  Baggett would go on to use the ring for michief and his own personal gain.  He was defeated by Green Lantern who managed to overpower Baggett by a show of superior willpower.   
Baggett would spend his prison time learning how to maximize his willpower so that he could use it to his advantage once he left prison.  Upon his release months later, Baggett would follow Green Lantern to Evergreen City.  There, Baggett would utilize his superior willpower to access the ring remotely to steal money and trip up Green Lantern.  Jordan discovered that Baggett was behind the crimes when he found duplicate currency which the crook created with emerald energy.  Green Lantern traced the currency back to Baggett.  After defeating the crook, he tried to ensure that Baggett would never be able to steal power from the ring again by turning him over to the authorities.   
Later, Bill Baggett teams with Hector Hammond in getting funding from Braintrust, Inc., a government and commercial thinktank.  Here, Baggett had taken on the alias of Wilhem Baggins and assisted Hammond in using Braintrust, Inc to fund Hammond's humanist cult known as "The Spark of Divinity", where Hammond operated under the name Sensi Nihinul.  Green Lantern teamed with Green Arrow to stop the two criminals.  Bill once again entered into a duel of wills against Hal over control of the ring but, once again, lost to the experienced Green Lantern.  Jordan knocked Baggett unconscious and, with the assistance of Green Arrow, captured Hammond as well.   
Bill Baggett's current activities and whereabouts are unknown.    

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