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Creature of legend. Loner. Earthman. Ripped from Earth and a solitary existence as the last of his kind, Bigfoot finds himself on an alien planet. Brought to the dying planet by the mysterious group known only as the “Children of the Blue,” Bigfoot is immediately thrown into the work camps of the Great Lord Jeoffa. He is quiet, introverted and unwilling to trust in others after a lifetime of seeing his kind hunted to extinction. The only thing he values more than a quiet evening, gazing out at the stars with a belly full of beef, is to be left alone. Alone by default, solitary by choice, he does not understand how he came to be of this world.


The Martian rover Spirit, spotting Bigfoot

Bigfoot uses his berserker strength only when he needs to. His strength would be more "gorilla-like" than to Hulk-levels.

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