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"BIG" has been at BEDLAM actually since before there was a BEDLAM. Captured in 1973 in the Northern Corridor section of British Columbia, Big was captured and held for several years by Project Entua, a clandestine government program designed to retrieve and study cryptozoological specimens from around the world.

When BEDLAM was formed, it was Drs. Alazar and Das (see files: Alazar, Antonio, PhD — Das, Baldev MD FAAP) who petitioned for the Sasquatch to be brought here and soon was the first subject to undergo Alazar's rudimentary Evolvo-Ray.

An already strong creature, Big was soon displaying feats of immeasurable strength and dexterity. But it was the incredible emergence of intelligence and subsequent accumulation of knowledge that astounded the Doctors and BEDLAM Staff alike. Not long after, Big was a colleague rather than subject and soon was working side-by-side with the Doctors to perfect the very Evolvo-Ray that brought him into the future. His intelligence quotient ratings exceed the scale and his ability to comprehend grossly abstract theories (and realities) is, to me, astounding to experience.

Recently, for reasons of his own (my guess is that he wishes to both supervise Choopie and work closely with our newest acquisition, MG), Big has accepted Arisa's invitation to join Blue Team. He has always proven to be both a resourceful and effective agent and his presence on the team, I'll admit, has me resting much easier as well.

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