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A man who needed the dough, and therefore, became a lumberjack. He wasn`t much for chopping woods, but he was a great protector of the business. Whenever some crooks would try to cause harm for Farr co. , he`d beat them up. And oh boy...there was alot of crooks who tryed to cause harm to Farr co. As a sign of gratidute, Mr. Farr made McClane the second man in charge of the company.

After a few stories, Big Red decided to find his sweetheart, and rekindle the flame. He succeeded at it, and also became a professional boxer! How that worked out, is not known, because McClane didn`t appear again, after that story.

Big Red doesn`t have superpowers. But he is quick witted, and good with his fists. Fantastic, actually.

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