Disney Confirms 'Big Hero 6' Animated Movie

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I guess this is just a test animation-reel for the exterior stuff (buildings and shit). The only significant thing i spotted was the asian kid in the vehicle and a Wreck It Ralph billboard...

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#53 Posted by kid Apollo (720 posts) - - Show Bio

@superdork: dam yor rite, whenever movies and such come out i get so excited i forget who owns whos license

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San Fransokyo? Really? WTF? That's the best city name they could come up with?

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Sounds safe and kid like. I guess they can probably make sure the market for kids is open first and foremost, but I think disney should take a peek at dc and realize "kids don't read comics", they don't even watch comic shows. Once disney proves it can make a more adult animated movie, I'll actually care. Till then I'll continue into my 3rd year of not reading or participating in jack crap Marvel, i'm not boycotting per se, but I just hate the direct they went, Marvel Now is a good move, but I think the animated portion went ot shit.

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Doesn't the issue over rights to certain characters only apply to live action movies? Otherwise how is Marvel doing Ultimate Spider-Man without Sony saying it's their character?

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First heard about them in a spidey story. Seems like it could be interesting.

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exactly what was the point of that trailer again it showed nothing. i do give them kudos for chooseing an obscure marvel team. but somehow i do not see sunfire getting in on the act on this one

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I've never read any of this but I'll probably see it.

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Download Big Hero 6 Movie Free HD >>>
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Can't believe a Bot bumped this.


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