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Appearing on the cover of the very first Beano in 1938, Big Eggo's strip continued on the cover for 10 years before he was replaced by Biffo the Bear. Big Eggo continued inside the comic until 1949, when it ended due to the death of the artist a year earlier.

There was never any continuity to the strip with Big Eggo sometimes being a zoo keeper or even walking pigs on a lead. One theme however was Big Eggo's obsession with eggs, particularly his own which he was always protecting. In issue 1 of the Beano, Big Eggo discovers his egg missing and a nearby monkey pursuades him to hatch the egg of a crocodile.

It's still a mystery just how a male ostrich came to be hatching so many eggs...

Guest Appearance

In issue 3093 of the Beano, Big Eggo made an appearance in a strip entitled Lord Snooty's Day Out. Eggo, along with Jonah and Jack Flash are revealed to be living in the Beano Retirement Home.

Big Eggo in the Beano Retirement Home

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